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San Antonio Divorce Mediator

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You want a mediator that knows people. Karen Marvel has such a presence in Bexar County that her veteran status will help you settle your case. 

Do you need a mediator to step in to explain the nuances of your case so that a solution can be reached? Karen is the mediator for you.

You and opposing counsel need the skillset that Karen Marvel provides with understanding complex family law cases.

25+ Years Experience

When you’ve practiced family law as long as I have, you know the patterns in cases. Allow my experience to guide you.

Board Certified Family Law Attorney

Not only am I experienced, but I have Board Certification in Family Law.

Why is an experienced mediator important?

Contentious Divorce

Problem-solving is what I’m good at. 25+ years of family law practice, board certification, and life experience help me be the neutral problem-solver you need.

Pro-Se Divorce

You two filed for divorce. You have nearly all the issues ironed out, but you need a mediated settlement agreement.

Drive-by Mediation

You’ve figured out all of your contentious issues, but you need a binding agreement.

Zoom Mediation

Not in Bexar County? One of your parties is disabled? Just prefer remote negotiations? I’ve got you covered.


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Positive Ratings – Revered in the community